Burning Bridges

burning bridgesLet’s spend a moment and talk about a segment of self improvement that is sometimes misunderstood by so many people.  In fact, a good majority of people often mistake the meaning or at least the subject itself.  It’s burning bridges or as some people like to refer, burning your bridges in life.

Most experts will often give the example of burning your bridges as the motion of progress that reflects a person’s life.  If they are stagnant and show little forward progress it can often be associated with the lack of vision, focus and attention to details.  Of course, this can easily be set apart as a path of inspiration and motivation as well.  However, what we are specifically talking about are the moments in our lives that are gone, they are part of yesterday and only exist as a memory.  A certain memory that causes an interruption in your life, one that leads to options instead of results.

Memories can be a good thing, they can be positive, inspirational and motivating.  They can also be destructive, increase negativity, allow depression and create enormous amounts of mental anguish.  Why?  The simplest way to explain it is, many people just have a hard time moving on in their lives or they simply cannot release themselves from the past.  Whether it’s from mistakes, a specific incident, a loved one or some kind of unfortunate event.

Sometimes you will notice this by certain behaviors and actions.  One such example is clearly demonstrated by countless numbers of individuals who start something and immediately forget about doing it or completely stop altogether.  However, this doesn’t mean that they are quitters as many will instantly pick-up on something else.

You’ve probably heard the saying “don’t burn your bridges until you’ve had a chance to cross them”.  This could definitely be a reflection on those who might be considered dreamers. The people who visualize their dreams, but often get side tracked while doing so.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the concept of following your dreams.  In fact, it’s the same as following what’s in your heart, the interest in being more, gaining more and the passion for life, your life.  Sometimes it will take longer to reach those dreams and may require additional support, guidance and inspiration.  But, they can be achieved as long as you are willing to focus clearly on your dreams and give yourself a path to follow.

Burning bridges in your life can sometimes be scary and a lot of people discover that it’s really not an option for them.  If that’s the case, ask yourself what purpose do you have in life?  Take a moment and write down all the things that define your purpose in life, what you want to achieve in life and what you really want out of life in general.  Doing this simple exercise sometimes reveals hidden passions or even options that you’ve never really dealt with.  No matter what, you must be willing to explore the opportunities, along with any possibilities that will keep you on track..  In the end, what you’ll discover is your outlook on life and what you need to focus on more clearly to help create the vision for your life.

Watch the video below from one of my favorite movies “Kelly’s Heroes” – Listen to the theme song “Burning Bridges” from the movie.  I’m sure you will get it!


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