It’s Just Me

KevinWell, it’s the beginning of another school year and for many of us, that means a lot of new things will start happening. For one, as students we can expect the usual handout of homework, the constant drilling of spelling, format and structure and the never ending study that keeps our minds occupied while dreaming of better things in life. Of course, that doesn’t mean that our love for certain things such as football, Halloween, fall, winter, snow capped mountains and the holiday season are not something to look forward to, because they are, at least in my life.


My name is Kevin and I’m currently spending time during the days continuing in my education and enjoying the friendship of fellow students and faculty members. It’s amazing how the process of information has changed over the years and the opportunities that are available to those that seek it. That’s why this blog will help serve those individual’s who might be struggling with decisions and directions in their lives. From personal experience, I realize how difficult it can be at times to make decisions and to choose the path for personal excellence, well being and success.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts on self improvement, and if not, remember one thing – I’m human just like you and I do make mistakes….




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