Self-Confidence – Who’s The Person Looking In The Mirror?

Are you convinced that your life is filled with nothing but fears and doubts that keep holding you back?  Have you ever spent time dreaming or wishing that you could be someone else in life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone when it comes to thinking like this.  In fact, many of us have the notion that everyone else has it better in life.

Don’t believe me?  How many times have you seen an attractive girl or guy and noticed how confident they are or how easy it is for them to make friends and wished you could be just like them?  Or, maybe it’s the person in school that you admire for being so smart or maybe it’s the person at work who is always happy.

Sure, I’ve looked at many people and envied how much better their life must be and yes, on more than one occasion I’ve wanted to exchange roles in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge any of these people for who they are, what they look like or what they’ve achieved.  That’s just life.  But, you also can’t deny that during some point in your own life the thought of exchanging roles with someone else never came up.

I think that it’s human nature to look at people and admire them.  Whether they are gorgeous, fit, wealthy or intelligent it’s just part of life.  However, I’ve often wondered that maybe the ones that we admire, also have the same thinking towards those of us that want to be like them.  It’s possible, and who’s to say that their life is so perfect that all they are filled with is success and enjoyment.

Everyone deals with some type of insecurities during their life.  Even the people that we consider to be perfect have suffered or still suffer from insecurities.  We may never hear about them or see them, but they are there.  Everything from common habits such as biting nails to obnoxious behaviors that silently annoy the people around them.

Many of the insecurities in our personal life will develop as we grow older.  We are taught or at least led to believe that we must be the best at everything we do.  Most of the individuals that we tend to admire are placed on pedestals and considered special.  Yes, they possess many qualities that help them to be more recognized in social surroundings.  Things such as personality, behavior and even wealth and physical appearance.  But, are they perfect?

Is it just a fallacy of being special or do we actually get wrapped up in the belief that the people we envy are perfect?  Our lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is what tends to lead many of us astray.  We often lose sight of who we really are, what we can be and what we love the most.

I could go on and on about the admiration I have for all the people who can continuously eat and not gain a single pound.  Yet, all I have to do is look at a vending machine or walk by a snack bar and instantly gain three pounds.

That fact is, we are not perfect and self-confidence comes from reducing our thoughts of being second rate.  So, who’s the person looking in the mirror?  This is something that you will only discover once you accept who you truly are.


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