Breaking Bad, Habits That Is

Have you ever tried breaking a habit, especially an old habit.  It’s not an easy process, no matter what anybody else tries to tell you.  Sure, there will always be that certain individual who’s considered the exception, the one that didn’t need counseling and never suffered through any withdrawals.

Many of us have habits that we’ve developed over the years and some of these habits could be considered bad.  Of course, whose to say that any habit is actually bad for you.  I realize that certain habits such as smoking has been linked to certain health conditions and that many people do not like the smell of cigarette smoke, especially when they are eating.

As for myself, I consider bad habits to be something that each of us sets apart in our own way.  For instance, is overeating a bad habit?  If it is than buffet restaurants are a prime culprit for helping to encourage individual’s to consume more food then they really need to.  It’s safe to say that if you frequently visit a buffet restaurant, chances are you probably eat a comparable volume of food at home during your regular meals or in-between meals with snacks.  Wow, there goes my monthly visit to the all-you-can eat Chinese buffet.

What about the bulk food stores that encourage customers to buy more?  Is it really about saving money or is it the plan of the bulk food stores to actually sell you more products?  Think about it, they make more money selling more products to consumers, not individually like the average grocery stores.  I guess we save money buying candy bars by the box, ice cream by the gallons and soda by case.  I remember years ago when buying two average jars of mayonnaise was normal at the bulk food stores.  Not anymore, now you can buy them in boxes of two gallons or more.  Of course, is it really a bad habit to buy more food?  In all fairness, not everyone is overeating, but as responsible adults, we do provide the opportunity and the temptation to constantly consume more of the foods that we normally wouldn’t eat.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say.  There are so many habits that each of us as individuals has grown accustomed to during our lives.  Some are really not that bad, but others can play havoc on our minds and our physical well-being.  Personally, I went through years of addiction to sodas.  I couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without having a soda.  Sure, I had my favorites, but in reality, it didn’t matter what brand it was, I drank it.  I wasn’t gaining any additional weight, but I couldn’t lose weight due to the volume of sodas that I was drinking.

It’s been over a year now, but I finally made the decision to give up drinking sodas.  My decision had nothing to do with any popular health kick or anything like that.  It was based solely on the dependency that I was placing on sodas.  In other words, was drinking sodas controlling my life?  Today, as I look back it’s easy to see how the dependency on having a soda throughout the day was an addiction.  Sure, drinking sodas provided relief as they helped to calm me down, especially during stressful times at work.  But, in the end, I realized that consuming sodas throughout the day really didn’t help me to gain anything in my life.


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