Being Happy is Something that is Found in Everyone

Have you ever heard that being happy and optimistic can be good for your health?  Well, think about the people whose lives are encircled with high levels of stress.  Now add the health issues that are associated with stress such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and even cancer.

Abraham Lincoln determined that people for the most part can choose to be happy or stressed in life, relaxed or troubled, bright or dull in their outlook.  The choice is actually simple, just choose to be happy.

Do you sometimes believe that other people who always seem to be happy have some kind of secret potion or maybe know something that you don’t?  No, it has nothing to do with artificial ingredients or any other chemicals, secrets or even magic spells.  In fact, it’s simply a matter of turning negativity into something positive.  No tricks, spells, chemicals or incantations.  People who are happier in life have basically learned how to bring happiness, rather than negativity into their lives.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have to look for negativity, it’s basically all around us.  I see it every morning on the way to school, people rushing through traffic and darting in and out of lanes trying to avoid the next stop light.  Bumper to bumper, people everyday create unneeded stress for themselves and what they don’t realize is that this starts their day in the  negative direction that they are trying to avoid.

Of course, don’t forget that I’m human as well and sometimes an over ambitious driver can get me frustrated just like anyone else.  For instance, the other day I’m leaving school in the afternoon and besides being drained from classwork, it’s hot and humid outside.  I’m driving down a main road (two lanes) and this car suddenly appears from behind.  I reach an intersection and while waiting for traffic I notice that the driver is a young girl who is talking on her cell phone.  I turn right onto another street and she immediately turns with me, tailgating nonetheless.  The speed limit is 35 and I’m doing approximately 38 mph.  She is so close that I can read her lips through the rear view mirror as she’s talking on the phone.

Now, for a brief moment (it was actually like a minute) I thought of slamming on my breaks and ending that phone call.  Heck, many people think that I need a new car anyway.  But, that’s not what life’s about.  Even though my frustration was growing, I avoided any unnecessary road rage and waited for the next intersection to move into another lane and allow this seemingly bright individual to abruptly pass me by.

The point of this story is, even though my frustration was building, I didn’t let it take control of my actions.  Even the negative feelings from the experience itself is something that I won’t dwell on.  Why?  It’s simply a waste of time and produces nothing. Sometimes after an experience like this or any other similar situation, I simply wind down and relax by taking a walk or listening to some music.

The secret to happiness is not rocket science.  Being a happier person in life is something that we all possess.  Yes, being happy is a choice, but it’s also something that many people neglect to incorporate in their lives.  However, adding undue pressures from hectic lifestyles and stress from over complicated obligations is often gladly accepted.  Yet, people still wonder why so much anger and negativity surrounds them.

Increasing happiness in your life can be discovered through change, something that everyone can do.  Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be”.


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