Let’s Create Some Optimism

As each one of us travel through life, we all face different choices.  Some may end up following a pessimist’s point of view, while some of us accept and live a more self-defeated role.  On the other hand, maybe you are the one that chooses to take a path that is more challenging, a road that is filled with potholes, curves and hills.  A road that will eventually lead to something more exciting and fulfilling in your life.

Optimists expect everything to be the best.  They plan for the worst and accept defeat as only a passing moment in their life without the delay of letting difficult situations hold them back.  In fact, optimists will strive even harder when knowing that an opportunity might be something considered bad or difficult for them.  Facing challenges is considered a new experience and something that will help them to discover new things in life and to strengthen their inner self.

As human beings, each of us will enter some kind of experience that involves new environments during our lifetime.  These may be unforeseen tragedies or even the loss of a job that can end up turning your life upside down.  Optimist’s are just like everyone else, however, when they fall down, they find a way to stand up.  Whether you’ve experienced defeat or sometimes feel that you’re only charged with negativity, change that now and stand up.  Create something new in your life and choose a path to success.

Have you ever noticed a baby when they first learn to crawl and how they want to continually venture around your home.  The experience becomes even more exciting for them as they learn to walk.  But, the neat thing is watching them fall down and how they pick themselves up and start again.  Sure, they may cry from a slight bump or bruise depending on how hard they fell.  But, inevitably they will stand up and start walking again, something as parents we know all too well.

Optimists are the same way, they don’t plan on falling down, but they are often prepared.  In life, they notice opportunities and run for the chance to try something new and challenging.  Many people surround themselves with negative thoughts and only see the roadblocks or obstacles in front of them.

One of the best ways to be optimistic is simply to think positively about things.  After all, what will it hurt, except those negative feelings that you’ve probably been carrying around.


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